Glass mosaic

Glass mosaic

It is important to live in a setting that is both attractive and friendly. Whether it's your office or your home, adding a decoration brings cheerfulness. A very old decorative art, mosaic is a very popular covering for its aesthetics. The mosaic is an assembly of small cubes made from various materials. From marble to stone, through glass, mosaic comes in many forms, some as aesthetic as others. So, do you want an ideal decoration for your interiors? Or do you want to give more life and colour to your home or living room? Glass mosaics are the ideal solution to meet your expectations.

Remarkable aesthetics

Often consisting of small, carefully arranged coloured glass tiles, glass mosaics have always fascinated by their beauty and unparalleled aesthetics. The light and colours of the glass give glass mosaics an intense beauty. Indeed, glass mosaics closely link design, light and bright colours. That is why you should make it a point of honour to choose the mosaic that suits your living environment.

Glass mosaics for swimming pools, spas and hammams

Enjoy the pleasure and relaxing atmosphere of your swimming pool, spa, hammam or sauna by integrating decorative art based on glass mosaics. Use suitable adhesives and sealants to create a luxurious and durable covering. Available in a wide range of beautiful colours, patterns and textures, glass mosaics will stand the test of time without fading.

Glass mosaics for the bathroom 

The wall or floor covering of your bathroom and shower is an important aspect to focus on. Glass mosaics in your bathrooms offer you the opportunity to create a pleasant atmosphere. Make all your showering moments a sweet moment of pleasure. Here again you can choose between different shades of glass mosaic, creating an ideal floor or wall covering. You can also let yourself be tempted by a glass wall with matching, brilliant colours. Either way, dress your bathroom with originality and brilliance.

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