Free shipping of mosaic samples.

Because choosing your flooring is an important step in the

decoration of an interior, it is often better to be able to compare. Thanks to the SYGMA site, all private individuals have a free shipment of different mosaic tile samples before making their decision.

Decorative tiles that everyone is in favour of

When it's time to opt for mosaic tiles and coverings, there are many possibilities. While natural materials such as mosaic or earthenware bring a significant aesthetic appeal, stone, metal or glass are also valuable choices. The numerous tiles are available in different ranges compatible with all styles.

Because you are undoubtedly a fan of interior decorations and quality coverings, we offer you a free sample for comparison. The models are always suitable for vintage, modern, industrial, whimsical or more classic decorations, so choose your coverings according to your tastes.

A wide decorative choice

In a kitchen or bathroom, tiled floor coverings

 provide a significant aesthetic added value. Easy to clean and maintain, this type of support, which is popular with everyone, is also rather easy to install and lay. A wide range of sizes and colours is available to decorate your interior and living areas in harmony. In earthenware, ceramics or mosaic, the models fit with all the furniture and decoration already present. The mosaics make it possible for example to wallpaper with taste and style the bathrooms and toilets.

These models are resistant to wear, moisture and stains and are also particularly elegant to match a shower. The patterns and colours make it possible to create a stylish decoration on floors, kitchen and bathroom walls. For a contemporary decoration, you can also adopt mosaic and earthenware for all your decorations.

Many models available

Choice of materials, colours or patterns, mosaic tiles lend themselves to several aesthetic and decorative choices. If you wish to take advantage of a material that is practical to lay and durable, a model in glass, metal, stone or aluminum is available. In order to help you in your choice, our SYGMA platform remains a specialist in all supports and tiles for the bathroom, shower or kitchen. You can compare the models in order to choose your favorite model. 

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