• Stone mosaic

    Stone mosaics for bathroom, shower and kitchen

    To cook or shower with the greatest pleasure, you need an ideal and attractive setting. Stone mosaics are the perfect combination of strength and durability, giving your shower or kitchen a new and more attractive look.

    Stone is a natural material that offers an excellent compromise between authenticity and modernity. Stone mosaics are therefore an excellent choice of covering to bring a touch of sophistication and originality to your bathroom or kitchen. A resistant and durable covering, stone mosaics come in several models that vary according to the stone used and the wide range of colours, sizes and textures.

    Stone mosaics are generally made from rocks such as :

    Marble, a metamorphic rock composed mainly of calcite crystals. A hard and resistant rock, marble is considered a noble material ;

    Granite, a very hard and wear-resistant natural rock material;

    Limestone, a sedimentary rock frequently used as a building material;

    Slate, a metamorphic rock of the shale family;

    Travertine, a sedimentary rock mainly composed of calcite.

    Sandstone, quartzite and pebbles are also used as materials for making stone mosaics. 

    The mosaics formed from these rocks come in a variety of colour palettes ranging from off-white and ivory hues, to black, steel grey or anthracite tones, and colour notes such as blue, green or orange. 

    How to choose the ideal mosaic for your kitchen and shower

    The choice of covering has a strong impact on the atmosphere of your shower or kitchen. Choosing the ideal stone mosaic for your bathroom or kitchen is therefore no trivial matter. Indeed, choosing the ideal mosaic model is necessary to maintain a better harmony and develop a more attractive and comfortable atmosphere in your kitchen or bathroom. 

    For the bathroom, it is necessary to opt for a hard, moisture-resistant stone because of the high exposure to water. You should also choose a quality material that will provide a less slippery surface to avoid the risk of accidents or falls in the shower or bathroom. 

    Aesthetically, the mosaic will have to blend in with the furnishings, especially in the case of the bathroom. You can easily take advantage of the wide choice of colours and patterns available on our site to arrange your shower or kitchen to your taste, and give it the atmosphere that suits you best. For a marine atmosphere, a white and blue coating will be perfect, while the combination of white and black will give your shower a more contemporary look. Also consider matching wall and floor coverings for a more harmonious look in the room. 

  • Shell mosaic

    Why choose mother of pearl mosaic?

    Compared to traditional tiles, mosaic styles are increasingly popular due to their various features. Constituting an assembly of small tiles, they come in multiple configurations. Elements that are decorative, protective, customizable, etc., you will find the best products on this site. Discover the main information about this category on this page!

    Tiles for all uses

    Whether it is a new construction or not, you can bet on a mosaic tile mother of pearl. These are tesserae that will meet the requirements of aesthetics, waterproofing, durability and practicality. Whether on the floor or wall, these mosaic tiles will enhance the work surface in your kitchen, bathroom, shower and spa ... Made from natural materials such as freshwater and saltwater shells, they are designed to resist moisture, water and heat while beautifying your space. 

    You will find a wide range of proposals on the site. You can also make an appointment for a showroom session. You will be able to see the different shell patterns up close in order to make your choice of a reference easier. For your construction project, development or renovation, we provide you with a wide range of mosaic tiles. These products are easy to maintain and will accompany you over the long term. You will have no trouble integrating them into your shower construction project, for example.

    Exclusive models of exceptional quality

    Our site is distinguished by exclusive mother-of-pearl mosaic models that you won't find anywhere else. With these, you can decorate your shower and other rooms that you have long planned to create. Shape, color and size, there are several proposals at your disposal. You will have no difficulty in finding the mosaic that will enhance your creativity. Thanks to our offers in terms of tiles, you can easily let your imagination run wild. It will be easier to satisfy the most demanding customers if you are a designer or interior decorator. By opting for gold, silver, copper, etc. finishes, you will be able to match your equipment with your decor.

    In addition, the installation of the mother-of-pearl tile does not require any specific tool for its handling. From a simple installation on the floor or on the wall, you can realize your pool renovation project with pearl mosaic tiles. Browse our suggestions to find the tile that will create the desired atmosphere in your home. And when it comes to customization, such as partial covering of kitchen or bathroom walls, the choice is yours. With their natural reflection and shine, all solutions will ensure an exceptional look in your home.

  • Glass mosaic

    Glass mosaic

    It is important to live in a setting that is both attractive and friendly. Whether it's your office or your home, adding a decoration brings cheerfulness. A very old decorative art, mosaic is a very popular covering for its aesthetics. The mosaic is an assembly of small cubes made from various materials. From marble to stone, through glass, mosaic comes in many forms, some as aesthetic as others. So, do you want an ideal decoration for your interiors? Or do you want to give more life and colour to your home or living room? Glass mosaics are the ideal solution to meet your expectations.

    Remarkable aesthetics

    Often consisting of small, carefully arranged coloured glass tiles, glass mosaics have always fascinated by their beauty and unparalleled aesthetics. The light and colours of the glass give glass mosaics an intense beauty. Indeed, glass mosaics closely link design, light and bright colours. That is why you should make it a point of honour to choose the mosaic that suits your living environment.

    Glass mosaics for swimming pools, spas and hammams

    Enjoy the pleasure and relaxing atmosphere of your swimming pool, spa, hammam or sauna by integrating decorative art based on glass mosaics. Use suitable adhesives and sealants to create a luxurious and durable covering. Available in a wide range of beautiful colours, patterns and textures, glass mosaics will stand the test of time without fading.

    Glass mosaics for the bathroom 

    The wall or floor covering of your bathroom and shower is an important aspect to focus on. Glass mosaics in your bathrooms offer you the opportunity to create a pleasant atmosphere. Make all your showering moments a sweet moment of pleasure. Here again you can choose between different shades of glass mosaic, creating an ideal floor or wall covering. You can also let yourself be tempted by a glass wall with matching, brilliant colours. Either way, dress your bathroom with originality and brilliance.

  • Metal mosaic

    Metal tile and mosaic

    Feel like changing your decoration? Do you feel like putting in some mosaic? You are at the right place to find your happiness!

    Why choose a metal mosaic for your interior?

    Whether you are moving or not, you may want to put stainless steel or aluminium mosaic in one of your rooms. Moreover, it is often a decoration that you will often come across in bathrooms or powder rooms in general. It is possible to find several forms of metal mosaic: pebbles, round, square or simply polygonal. But the colours can also differ: Grey, copper, gold, black, brushed or even mirror effect. So you will have a wide choice!

    For the installation of your metal mosaic tiles, you can call on a professional, but you can also do it yourself, if you have the soul of a do-it-yourselfer.

    It is very simple to lay your mosaic tiles. Be aware that when you order the model that suits you, you will receive large tiles measuring approximately 30x30cm. Please also note that the mosaic can be laid just like traditional tiles. 

    Also know that it is an easy to clean material. Quite practical, especially when we are not cleaning!

    For an original wall!

    You don't know where to place your metal mosaic? Why not opt for a bathroom, shower or kitchen wall panel. Indeed, we don't, we advise you to make a whole room out of mosaic, but in a shower room, it could make beautiful wall decorations. You just have to order the tiles you are interested in on our site and that's it!

    Your desire for decoration is urgent? Don't panic, you will receive your tiles within 48 hours. All you have to do is place one tile at a time for an optimal final result.

    For a floor out of the ordinary!

    The metal mosaic is a real decorative element. Indeed, whether in your bathroom, your kitchen, or even in your shower, it could be really beautiful. Once again, all you have to do is place an order on our site. It is perfectly possible to order different models of tiles, if you want to add even more originality. Also know that our mosaics are made of stainless steel or aluminium, no fear of seeing your mosaic damaged by water, so you can without any fear lay metal tiles on the floor of a shower, or on the wall of a bathroom.

    A metal mosaic can therefore be a real envy. Indeed, if you want to change decoration and put a touch of originality, mosaic is the element you need! It is possible to put some on furniture, like your tables, for example. Let us also note that the ease to install this mosaic and the speed of cleaning are also two important points that should not be neglected. 

  • Various tiles
  • Samples

    Free shipping of mosaic samples.

    Because choosing your flooring is an important step in the

    decoration of an interior, it is often better to be able to compare. Thanks to the SYGMA site, all private individuals have a free shipment of different mosaic tile samples before making their decision.

    Decorative tiles that everyone is in favour of

    When it's time to opt for mosaic tiles and coverings, there are many possibilities. While natural materials such as mosaic or earthenware bring a significant aesthetic appeal, stone, metal or glass are also valuable choices. The numerous tiles are available in different ranges compatible with all styles.

    Because you are undoubtedly a fan of interior decorations and quality coverings, we offer you a free sample for comparison. The models are always suitable for vintage, modern, industrial, whimsical or more classic decorations, so choose your coverings according to your tastes.

    A wide decorative choice

    In a kitchen or bathroom, tiled floor coverings

     provide a significant aesthetic added value. Easy to clean and maintain, this type of support, which is popular with everyone, is also rather easy to install and lay. A wide range of sizes and colours is available to decorate your interior and living areas in harmony. In earthenware, ceramics or mosaic, the models fit with all the furniture and decoration already present. The mosaics make it possible for example to wallpaper with taste and style the bathrooms and toilets.

    These models are resistant to wear, moisture and stains and are also particularly elegant to match a shower. The patterns and colours make it possible to create a stylish decoration on floors, kitchen and bathroom walls. For a contemporary decoration, you can also adopt mosaic and earthenware for all your decorations.

    Many models available

    Choice of materials, colours or patterns, mosaic tiles lend themselves to several aesthetic and decorative choices. If you wish to take advantage of a material that is practical to lay and durable, a model in glass, metal, stone or aluminum is available. In order to help you in your choice, our SYGMA platform remains a specialist in all supports and tiles for the bathroom, shower or kitchen. You can compare the models in order to choose your favorite model. 

  • Material mixtures

    Different materials for a mosaic tile with a magnificent finish!

    If you wish to have an original piece, the mosaic mix is a good compromise. Indeed, we offer tiles with different materials, colors and shapes for your greatest pleasure. You just have to make your choice among our selection. Rather practical, isn't it?

    The mosaic mix allows you to vary the pleasures. You won't have just one colour and it can really give a more than original side to your room. Note also that the shapes differ from one tile to another. Nevertheless, on the same tile, the mosaics are of the same shape. It will be up to you to determine the shape that suits you best!

    Different colours on your mosaic tiles

    The advantage of mosaic is that you can do whatever you want with it! Indeed, we have slabs with different tiles. So you can choose the tile that suits you best: it will not be totally unified, which will give a real charm to your room.

    Moreover, we have a wide choice of colours. You can make a darker or lighter atmosphere according to your taste. Note also that our mosaics will blend perfectly with the decor. You can put them on the wall or on the floor, if you want a certain harmony in your bathroom, for example.

    Different shapes on your mosaic tiles!

    You can find different shapes of mosaics with us. Indeed, we offer you several styles that you will certainly like :

    - Small tiles: these are certainly the most used mosaics at the moment. Both on the floor and on the wall, mosaics with small tiles are generally accepted.

    - Tiles with thin strips of mosaic: more trendy, these mosaic tiles will certainly please you. In addition, the colours are rather light, which will give a real luminosity in your room.

    - Tiles with octagonal shapes: original, these tiles are still timeless. Nevertheless, it is better to place them in a bathroom than in a living room, for example.

    - Diverse and varied shapes: we also offer tiles with shapes that are not uniform. This will allow you to give your room a real makeover. As with the octagonal shaped tiles, we advise you to place them in your bathrooms.

    - Tiles with rectangular shapes: if you want to make your room bigger, this is perfectly possible with this type of mosaic tiles.

    As you will have understood, you are bound to find what you are looking for in terms of colour and shape of your tiles.  

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