Stone mosaic

Stone mosaics for bathroom, shower and kitchen

To cook or shower with the greatest pleasure, you need an ideal and attractive setting. Stone mosaics are the perfect combination of strength and durability, giving your shower or kitchen a new and more attractive look.

Stone is a natural material that offers an excellent compromise between authenticity and modernity. Stone mosaics are therefore an excellent choice of covering to bring a touch of sophistication and originality to your bathroom or kitchen. A resistant and durable covering, stone mosaics come in several models that vary according to the stone used and the wide range of colours, sizes and textures.

Stone mosaics are generally made from rocks such as :

Marble, a metamorphic rock composed mainly of calcite crystals. A hard and resistant rock, marble is considered a noble material ;

Granite, a very hard and wear-resistant natural rock material;

Limestone, a sedimentary rock frequently used as a building material;

Slate, a metamorphic rock of the shale family;

Travertine, a sedimentary rock mainly composed of calcite.

Sandstone, quartzite and pebbles are also used as materials for making stone mosaics. 

The mosaics formed from these rocks come in a variety of colour palettes ranging from off-white and ivory hues, to black, steel grey or anthracite tones, and colour notes such as blue, green or orange. 

How to choose the ideal mosaic for your kitchen and shower

The choice of covering has a strong impact on the atmosphere of your shower or kitchen. Choosing the ideal stone mosaic for your bathroom or kitchen is therefore no trivial matter. Indeed, choosing the ideal mosaic model is necessary to maintain a better harmony and develop a more attractive and comfortable atmosphere in your kitchen or bathroom. 

For the bathroom, it is necessary to opt for a hard, moisture-resistant stone because of the high exposure to water. You should also choose a quality material that will provide a less slippery surface to avoid the risk of accidents or falls in the shower or bathroom. 

Aesthetically, the mosaic will have to blend in with the furnishings, especially in the case of the bathroom. You can easily take advantage of the wide choice of colours and patterns available on our site to arrange your shower or kitchen to your taste, and give it the atmosphere that suits you best. For a marine atmosphere, a white and blue coating will be perfect, while the combination of white and black will give your shower a more contemporary look. Also consider matching wall and floor coverings for a more harmonious look in the room. 

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