Material mixtures

Different materials for a mosaic tile with a magnificent finish!

If you wish to have an original piece, the mosaic mix is a good compromise. Indeed, we offer tiles with different materials, colors and shapes for your greatest pleasure. You just have to make your choice among our selection. Rather practical, isn't it?

The mosaic mix allows you to vary the pleasures. You won't have just one colour and it can really give a more than original side to your room. Note also that the shapes differ from one tile to another. Nevertheless, on the same tile, the mosaics are of the same shape. It will be up to you to determine the shape that suits you best!

Different colours on your mosaic tiles

The advantage of mosaic is that you can do whatever you want with it! Indeed, we have slabs with different tiles. So you can choose the tile that suits you best: it will not be totally unified, which will give a real charm to your room.

Moreover, we have a wide choice of colours. You can make a darker or lighter atmosphere according to your taste. Note also that our mosaics will blend perfectly with the decor. You can put them on the wall or on the floor, if you want a certain harmony in your bathroom, for example.

Different shapes on your mosaic tiles!

You can find different shapes of mosaics with us. Indeed, we offer you several styles that you will certainly like :

- Small tiles: these are certainly the most used mosaics at the moment. Both on the floor and on the wall, mosaics with small tiles are generally accepted.

- Tiles with thin strips of mosaic: more trendy, these mosaic tiles will certainly please you. In addition, the colours are rather light, which will give a real luminosity in your room.

- Tiles with octagonal shapes: original, these tiles are still timeless. Nevertheless, it is better to place them in a bathroom than in a living room, for example.

- Diverse and varied shapes: we also offer tiles with shapes that are not uniform. This will allow you to give your room a real makeover. As with the octagonal shaped tiles, we advise you to place them in your bathrooms.

- Tiles with rectangular shapes: if you want to make your room bigger, this is perfectly possible with this type of mosaic tiles.

As you will have understood, you are bound to find what you are looking for in terms of colour and shape of your tiles.  

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